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Searmada Logistics and Support Services

We Provide The Following Specialist Services amongst others.

  • Vessel Agency
  • Port Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Support Base Operations
  • Warehouse Management
  • Helicopter Operations
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customs EXIM Formalities

We shall be working with DEN HELDER SUPPORT SERVICES of Den Helder, The Netherlands as Our choice Strategic Alliance Partner for this aspect; under an MOU as Strategic Alliance Partners

The business sector uses logistics as a term to describe the efficient coordinating of the movement of supplies and materials in a Working system as a globalized process in the flow and storage of goods from point of origin to the point of consumption.
A proper supply chain created is a vital part of this process.
The supply chain may include Procurement, Purchasing, Transportation, Shipping, Receiving, Storage, and Management of all or any one of these functions.
Logistics may also be use to apply to Procurement, Information, Transportation, Inventory, Warehousing, Material handling, Packaging, Disposal, and Security within the business sector.

In the peculiar case of our SEARMADA it encompasses the provision of all of the mentioned sub-heads in addition to the Support services to include the Human resources that will man to drive most of the Construction, Site Work and all the Equipment Hire, Lease or other Contracting as requisition needed from the Entry to the Commissioning and Maintenance of all phases of the different Projects.
Logistics companies plan, implement, and control the movement and storage of goods, services, or information within a supply chain and between the points of origin and consumption. Various logistics companies handle some or all of these supply chain functions, depending on the User logistical needs.