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Locating on a virgin forest environ with the proposition to turn it into an Integrated Modern Smart City presents hydra-headed challenges that have been frontally tackled by the skills, ingenuity, and talents of a Team of select Nigerian professionals. 

Unlimited in nature but continuously expanding to include Urban and Regional Planning, Architects, Civil, Building Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Soil Engineers, Geologists, Accountants, Lawyers, and Health Safety Environmental Specialists; together they form a loose Think Tank in brainstorming to create and adapt Data for Studies, Pre-planning, Drafting and Re-drafting whilst awaiting the amalgamation and formal incorporation as the Special Purpose Vehicle and Consortium to lead the elected Experts expected as support from our Foreign Partners.

The reality of this take-off therefore is to enable the proper scope and planning which involves overcoming all the bureaucracy to the Land Identification, Allocation, Survey/Demarcation and the Statutory Certificate of Occupancy, Secure Ownership, Inspect, Sample Soil Tests and all the related Environmental Impact Analysis.

This will prepare the Location for the General Business Case Study and Presentation for Choices and Options, Scoping for the possible Reclamation and Preparation of the Land for the General Architectural Presentation; Landscape Architecture and the Preliminary New City Structure.

As anticipated all the Civil Engineering, Earthworks at Location Site for the Access to open up the vegetation and to motivate its readiness to host the various modern state-of-the-art Equipment is being empanelled in readiness once the Land Allocation procedures are concluded.

Core Infrastructures of EbughuIbom 

Energy City

The Core infrastructure elements in the EbughuIbom Smart Energy City includes:

  • Adequate Water and Electricity Supply
  • Efficient Urban Mobility and Public Transport
  • Sanitation, including Solid Waste Management
  • Good governance, especially e-Governance and Citizen participation with Sustainable environment
  • Affordable Housing 
  • Robust IT Connectivity and Digitalization
  • Safety and Security of Citizens, particularly Women, Children and the Elderly, and Health and Education

Proposed EbughuIbom Smart City Extension

  • Industrial Area – The 5 Base Industrial Components and Tank farm with Terminal Facilities which shall occupy an area of 75hectares approximately.
  • Commercial Area – (Warehousing, Factory Floors for Light and Heavy Processing Industries) Shopping Centre and Local Markets
  • Truck and Trailer Park with Maintenance facilities
  • Residential Area – Low, Middle, High/Luxury Income Groups, Sports, Recreation, Schools, Hospitals, Religious Accommodation, Cemetery
  • Major Centralized Utilities; Water Dam, Treatment, Dispersal, and Disposal Units. Gas & Power, Lines, Communication Main Trunks and Nodes to all the Designated Areas
  • Waste Management, Conversion, and Use.


EbughuIbom Smart Energy City design is deliberate in its purposed ICT and IoT Technologies to ensure and maintain Smart Interpersonal human and machine interactions.  Residents and Visitors shall consume and produce intelligent data as they go about their daily lives whilst in the City, utilizing it’s resources. 

Smart Lighting

Designed to save Energy with remotely-controlled on-off timing and dimming depending on time of the year, Weather conditions and motion detection, such as an approaching Cyclist

Smart Waste Management

Working to reduce Waste collection activities, Fleets, fuel usage and CO2 emissions with Smart bins that can compact Waste and inform their fill level.

Smart Metering

Calibrated to reduce Water and Electricity Waste or theft with Smart Meters that can measure and report usage in near real-time.

Smart Parking

Configured to reduce Parking search time, Fuel usage, CO2 emissions, and parking violations by detecting available Parking spots and guiding Drivers to them with an App

Smart Transit

Improve Rider Safety and satisfaction as well as Ridership with video Surveillance, on-board Wi-Fi and Entertainment and real-time schedule information. Real-time Vehicle location tracking provides Live updates through an App or Smart display at the Bus stop.

Smart Video Surveillance

Improve Public Safety with License Plate recognition, Vehicle tracking, Facial recognition and Analytics

Our Smart City designed to use Secured Wireless Connectivity and IoT Technology to enhance its Liveability, Workability and Sustainability



A futuristic city of the New Millennium designed to compete and complement it’s kind in any other part of the World.

It’s super high-end IoT backbone infrastructure shall provide the driver upon which shall hinge Affordable, Luxury, Commercial, Corporate end Property Development. Industrial, Commercial and other Users and Facilities.

Own, Hold and Invest as EPC in Projects to Develop, Operate and Maintain Designated Contractual, Commercial and such Other Urban, Rural Housing Construction Maintenance and Realty Property, Civil Engineering, Specialist Estates, Utility Accessories to include Water Provision, Treatment, Disposal, Harbour, Parks Housing and Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission

To structure and manage the integral corporate account/asset as a commingled fund, real estate holding company, real estate Holding Company, actively managed real estate operating company or similar types of structures

Invest in the public equity real estate markets, which includes the publicly traded, listed securities of public Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), as well as various securities issued by other forms of publicly traded real estate operating companies

Private Equity Real Estate Investing to involve the acquisition, financing and direct ownership and holding of the title to an individual property or portfolios of properties, as well as the indirect ownership and holding of a securitized or other divided or undivided interest in a property or portfolio of properties through some form of pooled fund investment vehicle or arrangement

To function as private accredited and non-accredited individual investors and institutional investors, as well as privately held and publicly traded real estate development, investment and operating company

To relate and engage with other Entities as may be considered incidental or conducive to the attainment of Commerce, Development and Industrialization.  To do all other things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives

The EbughuIbom Smart ENERGY City